Project “Modernization of academic library services in Moldova”, Project number CPEA-2015/10014. Project period: 2016-2019.

  1. Conference to launch the Project „Modernization of academic library services in Moldova”, April 14-15, 2016.
  2. The Second workshop „Advocacy. Marketing: promoting the image of the university libraries”, 13-14 June 2016.
  3. Summer School “Open Access and Open Sources for Librarians”, Brasov, Romania, 3-10 July 2016.
  4. Annual Project meeting and Workshop 3: Open Access and Institutional Repositories, 19-20 September 2016.
  5. The European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), October 10-13, 2016.
  6. Conferința Europeană privind Cultura Informației (ECIL), 10-13 octombrie 2016.

Project “Development of New Information Services for Moldovan Higher Economic Education”, Project number CPEA-2012/10091. Project period: 2012-2014.

Qualitative and quantitative measurement methods in libraries: Report

Information Literacy – Meeting of specialists, practitioners, researchers, professors and librarians: Report

Conferinţă Naţională a Asociaţiei Bibliotecarilor din România “Biblioteca – cercetare, cunoaştere, cultură” , 4-6 septembrie 2013:  Raport

ECIL – European Conference on Information Literacy,
Istanbul, 22-25 octombrie 2013:  Raport


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